Lice Medic are qualified nitpickers based in Bayside NY but travel to locations throughout Queens, Brooklyn and Nassau County
Worry free lice removal for the greater NYC area. ManhattaN, Queens, Brooklyn, Suffolk and Nassau Counties

Lice Medic: Worry Free Lice Treatment & Head Lice Removal Service

The Best All Natural, Head Lice Mobile Treatment Service in all of New York and Long Island. Servicing the Greater New York City Area including Nassau & Suffolk Counties

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The Best All Natural Children’s Head Lice Removal Service in New York City & Long Island : Serving Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Suffolk & Nassau Counties

Be lice-free and call Lice Medic at 347-551-664 for immediate head lice eradication.

A happy child that had her head lice recently removed in Long Island NYLice Medic comes to your home to get rid of your children’s head lice with an all-natural, non-chemical organic treatment; usually within just one hour of your call. Our head lice removal service is the highest ranked in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island. We have used our proprietary Natural Lice Treatment effectively for over a decade on thousands of children and adults. We know how to safely and effectively eliminate your head lice problem on a one time visit.

We use our own all-natural products assisted with our top of the line imported fine tooth head lice combs to eliminate the lice and nits. We have unmatched expertise that will remove all lice and their eggs.

If you or your child is experiencing symptoms of head lice, or even if you’re not sure, contact us as soon as possible for a head lice check.  If necessary, we will provide you with the best safe, non-toxic head lice treatment available.  Don’t wait another day… Head Lice can get out of control really quickly.  Unfortunately, lice will not eradicate on its own. It is highly contagious and the OTC products which are pesticide-based do not work, they can only temporarily camouflage the head lice infestation.  Lice Medic can provide relief of head lice in a safe and toxic way.

We use Strand by Strand Nit Removal which is a technique that ensures every hair has been examined and all lice and nits (eggs) have been removed.

Manual removal of all lice and their nits is the only option in full eradication of a head lice infestation.

Quality, Safe, Non-Toxic Products are the only way to successfully terminate lice in their tracks.

Lice Medic provides competent, thorough, and professional head lice removal. We are here to get your children back to school, and you back to normalcy. Lice Medic’s technicians will eliminate lice from your life, and educate you about prevention during your appointment. You and your children will be free from lice and nits, and you can get back to your routine – without worry.

We are conveniently located in Bayside NY, close to the NYC metropolitan area, but also able to accept same-day appointments anywhere in Long Island. Lisa Cooperman is the founder of Lice Medic and is also a mother of two. From her own personal experiences, getting rid of lice shouldn’t have to hurt emotionally or be a scary moment. We take pride in our professionalism and kindness towards children.

For same day lice treatments that are all-natural and by a mother’s hands that are gentle and nurturing, please call us as soon as possible.

Why choose Lice Medic?

  • Competitive rates
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Exceptional outcome and a lice-free home
  • Honest and confidential in home lice eradication
  • Safe and non-toxic products
  • One time organic head lice treatment
  • Guaranteed back to school on the same day
  • Thousands of referrals

Most services who charge clients by the hour require unnecessary timely treatments. Lice Medic offers a flat rate with no hidden fees or house call service charges. We at Lice Medic promise the most competitive rates for mobile nitpicking in Long Island. We provide a lice removal service for you in the privacy of your own home. Why wait in an over-crowded lice salon where you just may run into your neighbor? Additionally, if one isn’t already infected, why take the risk of lice exposure in a waiting room storefront? Lice Medic nitpickers ensure the full removal of your head lice professionally, trauma and discomfort free.

Mobile Head Lice Removal Services for NYC – Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island

  • Nit or Lice Egg Removal
  • Head Lice Screening via a confidential house-call
  • School & Camp Head Lice Screenings
  • In-Home Head Lice Treatments with full head lice eradication

Lice Prevention on Long Island Starts with Lice Education & Awareness

Lice Medic will be more than happy to come to your school or camp to give a detailed outline on head lice prevention and treatment facts. A trained Head Lice specialist can provide a presentation on the realities and myths of head lice to educate parents and staff on best practices to safely manage a lice infestation.

No Dangerous Pesticides!
Complete, Safe, and Effective

All Natural
Complete Removal
No Harmful Chemicals
Child Safe
No More Nits