Lice removal services for New York City & Long Island
All-natural, non-toxic, chemical-free treatments

  • Safe, physician recommended
  • We guarantee our treatment
  • Same day service for lice screenings and treatment
  • One time treatment, a severe lice infestation will be $100 for a re-visit
  • Child-friendly, lice removal in the privacy of your own home
  • Extended hours and no service fee for travel
  • Same day appointments
  • Professionally head lice treatment for both children and adults.
  • Discreet and confidential, lice – free certificates upon completion
  • A flat rate competitive fee with absolutely no hidden charges
  • A lice specialist will provide your family with follow up instructions

A child on a swing who has just had head lice removed from her hair in Long Island NY. Head lice removal service NYCManual removal with a specialized lice comb is the safest and most effective way to treat head lice and prevent re-infestation. Lice Medic focuses on manual combing on all live lice and eggs (nits). This particular head lice removal is the only way to effectively treat and control head lice. When thorough combing is done the correct way, it completely removes both lice and nits.

Lice Medic recommends that every nit and louse be thoroughly combed out strand by strand as it is the only guaranteed way to get rid of head lice. There are no short-cuts to complete removal during a head lice infestation. OTC products cannot remove lice and their nits. Additionally they can be dangerous and harmful to children.

Manual head lice removal is the only head lice treatment method that is
100% safe & non-toxic

Home Visits for Lice Removal

  1. Our clinician arrives in an unmarked car to ensure your privacy.
  2. The clinician will check every member in the house for head lice and nits, not just those who are possibly infected.
  3. Those found to have head lice and/or nits will have their hair manually combed using our state of the art lice removal comb, working on small sections and combing strand by strand.

We never use harsh chemicals to get rid of your child’s lice.
We only believe in an all natural organic solutions.

Lice Medic services all of NY. We cover all of Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Long Island. We have deloused many families who reside on Long Island which includes the north and south shore. Our expert clinicians will offer tips on how to prevent further infestation in the home and proper follow-up care.

Expert clearing of head lice infestations in NYC, Suffolk County and Nassau County

  • No silly olive oil mess, just a thorough and complete removal of lice and nits.
  • We will handle the problem!
  • You can rely on us.
  • 10+ Years experience in lice infestation and treatment.

Here is what we offer.

  • Lice Screenings
  • Lice Removal
  • No More Nits!
  • School and Camp Rates Available

Evaluation through inspection – $30 per person; credited towards total if treatment is provided

  • Removal of lice and nits
  • Information and preventive measures
  • Affordable pricing at a flat rate!

We are child-friendly, and we know what we’re doing.
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