Camp is Just Around the Corner
Protect your Kids from Head Lice

with camping season coming this summer, you have to protect your kids from head lice.

Help Prevent Head Lice at Summer Camp with a Pre Camp Lice Screening

As you prepare to send your child to day camp and sleep-away camp,  you should also prepare for potential  head lice on the horizon.  Its only logical that nits can be passed around, as all of the campers spend day and night together.

Before camp starts, be proactive and have your child checked for head lice in the privacy of your own home.

Lice Medic mobile service in Bayside NY will come and do a head lice screening and supply your camper with a certificate of professional clearance before your child goes to summer camp.

If your child has recently had head lice and you’ve been treating it with over-the-counter shampoos, chances are they still have lice and should be checked. Super lice are resistant to  chemical treatments.

Protect your Kids from Head Lice at Summer Camp

When camp begins, remind your child not to share brushes, combs, hairbands or hats and helmets. For children with longer hair, it helps to keep the hair tied back preferably in a braid or bun.  This way, it is less of an invitation for the lice to make their way in.

Most camps abide by a very strict lice policy. Your camper may be screened upon their arrival, however , having Lice Medic do a pre-camp lice check avoids the scrutiny and embarrassment that your child may endure should the camp detect head lice.

I recall last summer I was doing my annual sleep-away camp pre-lice checks throughout Long Island NY, with regular visits to towns like Brookville, Syosset, Jericho and Roslyn.

One of my client’s neighbors was apprehensive about having a lice check for her daughter due to being pressed for time. She opted out of the lice screening, when her daughter arrived at a local sleep away camp just outside of Manhattan she was unpleasantly surprised to be sent home with lice!

Her mother had me come to her home on Long Island and immediately remove all of the lice and nits so that the camp would allow her to re-enter.  This is just one example of why many families have pre-camp head lice home screening checks even though the camp does their own screening upon arrival.