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Lisa Cooperman owner of Lice Medic in Bayside QueensYears ago, when the founder and owner of Lice Medic discovered that she and her two daughters were infested with lice, she was distraught. Where to turn? Who to trust? Who could solve this lice infestation for once and for all?

It turned out that there was a great void of experience and competence in the head lice field. She went on a mission to rectify her crisis on her own.

Then, after intense research about lice and its life cycle, she used her gift and expertise in delousing as well as her training in the medical field to help thousands of families. Her method of lice removal, along with her experience and efficiency puts normalcy back into people’s lives.

Lisa Cooperman has gained much of her success and popularity from word of mouth and pediatricians referrals.

lisa cooperman with kids that have been treated for head lice

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