Testimonials from Past Clients

** References available upon request

I called Lisa panicked when I found out my daughter had lice. Lisa made a house call to our home at 10 pm. Within a matter of two hours our children were lice free. Thank you so much for your patience and last minute travels! She also came on New Years Day with no questions asked. Thank you so much! *

Arial W.Great Neck, NY

Freaked out is an understatement! I called Lice Medic and they arrived within 30 minutes. I was instantly put to ease with Lisa’s laid back, calm demeanor. She was extremely professional, detailed and focused. I strongly recommend using this company. Life Savers! *

Nanci TBrookville, NY

Hands of gold! After getting a call from the nurse that my son had lice i flipped out. Lisa made a house-call to Brooklyn where she treated my son and his play-date. She turned a nightmare into a fairytale. I can’t thank her enough. *

Hannah WBrooklyn, NY

My husband and I thought that our daughter had allergies. We took her to our pediatrician to find out it was lice! It was our first experience with this sort of thing. I called many companies, however Lisa seemed the most knowledgeable and pleasant on the phone. She also was flexible as her company arrived within the hour. We have never been so satisfied and relieved. Thank you! *

Long Beach, NY

Hands down, the best in town. We dealt with lice years ago. Recently this spring we had another case. We called Lice Medic. We considered this to be an excellent company with the most affordable treatment. We liked the fact that it was a natural one time treatment and we were finished! *

Shara Z.Manhattan, NY

My daughter went to a sleep over party. I noticed a live louse crawling in her hair! I thought i was seeing things. The nurse at my daughters school referred me to lice medic. They showed up that afternoon. Lisa completely eradicated our lice problem. It turned out my entire family had gotten it. I felt a sense of comfort upon her arrival. I have referred lice medic to many of our neighbors. Thank you for making a bad situation a pleasant one! *

Kira C.Jericho, NY

We have two sons. They were both infested with lice. I thought it was the end of the world. There was too much going on in one day. I called Lisa at Lice Medic. She told me not to worry, within hours we were lice-free. It was a pleasure having her come to our home. Should this happen again we would only use Lisa to service us! *

Jill K.Melville, NY

* Experiences may vary, Lice Medic LLC cannot guarantee that all future experiences will have the exact same results.